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Vodka cocktails overtaking Gin cocktails as popular crowd pleaser No.1? Yes! By nearly 4 per cent, according to latest data. A game-changer or seasonal blip?

The best mobile bars in Cyprus are run by cocktail bartenders who keep on top of their game.

How? By always knowing what’s trending in the world of the moving bar – and – what their customers expect to see on a cocktail bar menu.

Ensure your guests will get that cocktail vibe

Recent bar industry survey (On Premise Cocktail Report, CGA) found Vodka cocktails had made the biggest jump in popularity, up by 3.9 per cent. Meanwhile, high flying favourite, the Gin cocktail, had nose-dived for the first time – by more than double, 8.7 per cent.

When planning a party or celebration at an indoor venue – or outside location – you want to ensure your guests will definitely be getting that cocktail vibe. From that first sweet-as-heaven sip!

Cocktail experience to get their own party started

The bartender’s secret art is making sure their menu will contain all the necessary spirits, and magic ingredients to satisfy any guest. To give them the cocktail experience they’re looking for to get their own party started.

It means the menu has to be just right. Up to the minute, and on trend to excite the new thrill seekers. At the same time, featuring the adored classics. A menu has to be both a passport to intriguing new taste adventures and a familiar, feelgood friend.

You may have heard that spritzers and fizz drinks  could be buzz news at this time with the emphasis on “clean and simple flavours”.

Classic recipes top of the quality cocktail menu

Research finds tangy citrus is competing with traditional rich, mellow berry and tropical flavours.

Today, of course, the well-stocked open bar should always include a quality selection of no and low alcohol options alongside soft drinks, traditional mixers and classic cocktails.

The recent cocktail report shows cocktail fans saying they, “believe the classic menu recipes – Margarita, Mojito, Pina Colada, Sex On The Beach, Daiquiri  – were essential to a quality cocktail menu.

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Pornstar Martini – passion fruit flavoured

Top of the enduring favourites was Pornstar Martini. A typical example of how vodka can make its way up the taste charts. It’s actually not a “true” martini but a passion-fruit-flavoured cocktail.

The drink – which was deliberately named to be controversial – is made with vanilla-flavoured vodka, Passoã – a passion-fruit liqueur made in France – and lime juice. A chilled shot glass of prosecco usually accompanies.

Many of the most popular cocktails which suddenly become flavour of the season can often be a classic drink given a  unique twist or up to the moment makeover.

Cosmopolitan – cleaner, tangy

A typcal example is the “Cosmopolitan”. Right up there with the report finding that vodka is sneaking up on gin as a cocktail favourite spirit.

It seems the cleaner, tangy and slightly tart notes of vodka, with Cointreau Triple Sec (orange-flavoured liqueur) and a quality cranberry juice is a big party fave.

Appletini – sour twist to dry martini

Vodka features once again – replacing gin – in the The Apple Martini.

Fondly named the “Appletini”, this version of he apple schnapps plays on the original dry martini. To lend a sweet but slightly sour twist, complete with lemon juice and garnished with a simple slice of apple.

But cocktail power is not only about the vodka.

Margarita – never goes out of date

What cocktail bartender would not feature menu classics such as the Margarita. This uncomplicated mix of tequila, triple sec and lime juice, traditionally served on the rocks in a salt rimmed glass, never seems to go out of date.

In more recent times, the bartender may replace the traditional lime with the more sweet, fruit based notes of raspberry, peach or strawberry.

Another enduring legend of the moving bar menu is the rum-based Daiquiri. It’s classic recipe when mixed with true bartender quality involves just three ingredients. A cocktail shaker is filled with ice,  rum, lime juice and simple syrup, vigorously shaken and strained into a cocktail glass.

Brandy Sour – unique Cypriot version

Of course, the enduring Cyprus cocktail classic is the well-known Brandy Sour, despite being enjoyed in other countries around the world.

The unique Cypriot version uses Cypriot brandy (milder than Cognac or Armagnac) together with lemons, Angostura bitters, soda water (or lemonade) and ice.

From on-trend to enduring cocktail classics MyShakers moving bar menu caters for every type of customer experience. Click here for our exciting open bar packages.


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