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Cocktails Menu

With our customizable cocktail bar package and open bar package, our cocktail menu offers the option to create signature cocktails that align with the theme of your event or company, or that reflect your unique personality as a wedding couple. Our services are available for a variety of events, including wedding receptions, christenings, beach parties, boat and yacht parties, bachelor and hen parties, kids’ parties, grand openings, and team-building activities.

       ABSOLUT- Absolutely-Fabulous - Bar Catering Cyprus  ABSOLUT- What-A-Berry-Cocktail  ABSOLUT Thymes 1 Coctktail - Cocktails in Cyprus  ABSOLUT Apple Crush Cocktail

       Gin Passion Cocktail - Bartending Show Cyprus  50 Shades CP5  The Babe Portra Cocktail  Crazy Apple Cocktail - Bartending School Cyprus

      Berry Shrub Cocktail  Pornstar Martini - bartending cyprus  4Play bartending cyprus  Captain Manolis - Bar Catering Cyprus

 El Amigo Bartending School Cyprus  Masticha Addiction 2 Bartending Show Cyprus  Barre Aged Negroni

Gin & Tonic Cocktails are the perfect refreshing sipper for a hot summer day. Ice cold, filled with aromatics, gin and high-quality tonic, they are sure to cool you down!

Cocktail Menu  Cocktail Menu  Cocktail Menu

Add a unique sparkle to your event with elegant and bubbly Prosecco cocktails.

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You can never go wrong with Classics. From Mojitos to Margaritas, Classic Cocktails are timeless favorites.

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      Cocktail Menu  Cocktail Menu  Cocktail Menu  Cocktail Menu

Add style to your Cyprus Wedding with cocktails made with traditional Cyprus products like Zivania and Commandaria. Designed by our expert mixologists for ‘ZIVANA LOEL’.

       Cocktail Menu  Cocktail Menu  Cocktail Menu  Cocktail Menu